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Here you will find information, recommendations & inspiration for your wedding.

On this page you will find some information and recommendations for your wedding. Save the link and check back from time to time.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your wedding, you can take a look at my Pinterest profile. I’ve created lots of pinboards there on a wide variety of wedding themes.

If you want to discuss the timeline for your wedding or have any questions, you can always arrange a phone call or video call with me. Simply select a time using the two buttons below.


Fancy something unusual for your agape? Sandwiches & sparkling wine too boring for you? How about pizza, Aperol & Italian espresso?

The best way to find out which catering can come to the area of your wedding is to check the respective pages. BAPI is in Stuttgart, but has lots of great reels on the IG page where you can see what it could look like at your wedding.

BAPI | Napi Pizza | Pizza Innovazione | Next Level Pizza | Magari Pizza

Alternatively or in addition, there are beautiful Apes for hire, for example from Espresso Mobil, which prepare real Italian espresso & cappuccino in the afternoon.

Kaviar Gauche, Anna Campbell, Bonares Atelier (near Braunau & Würzburg), Glückskleid (Golling), Fräulein Braut (Freilassing), Der Mann im Anzug (Freilassing), Finora Brautatelier (Vienna, formerly Feinstens), Johannes Herrenmode (Hallein), Hänsel & Gretel (Gunskirchen), Wolke 7 (Villach), Ganz in Weiß (Landsberg a. Lech), Flamenco (Munich)

Accessories & Shoes
Jimmy Choo | Manolo Blahnik

Since I attend weddings so widely scattered and most stylists only work in their catchment area, I find it difficult to make specific recommendations here.

I recommend you google “wedding venue bridal styling”. Always take a look at the “About me” pages. If you like the person, it’s best to arrange a trial appointment. This way you can discuss what you want and you can see the “result” directly.

If you can’t get there before the wedding, I recommend making a styling appointment locally. Then you can take photos and send them to your chosen stylist before the wedding.

The same applies here as with styling in terms of the location of the service. Nevertheless, I would like to show you some colleagues here with whom I have already worked, sometimes several times, and was really impressed. Both of their ceremony and of them as people.

Beherzt – Hanna & Sibylle | Sylvia Rill | Herzverbunden Miriam | Michelle Stadlhuber | Melories | Cornelia Kogler | Alina Walter | Sprich für Mich

Do you want unusual and unique stationery (invitations, menu, table centerpieces, etc.) that exactly matches the style of your wedding? Then I can recommend Selina to you with the utmost conviction. Selina is not only one of my closest friends, she is also a designer and creative mind through and through. With their ideas and the quality of their work, your wedding invitation will definitely stand out from all the standard designs you can order in online stores. Selina also did the design and layout of my wedding guide, for example.

Just post it here on Instagram: CAOS x AMORE

The same applies here as for styling & speakers as far as the area is concerned. Here you will find a selection of service providers with whom I have already worked and with whom I was very impressed:

Isabella Floristik | Brandstätter Floristik | Natur Werk | Stilsicher Wedding | Kreativwerkstatt | Lidwina Blumen | Blütenwerk

Wedding websites are becoming more and more popular and common. There you can collect all the relevant information about your wedding and display it clearly for your guests. You can also share your story, present accommodation options or a dress code mood board and make acceptances or cancellations with menu choices (and e.g. intolerances) directly online.

Your wedding website can be easily integrated with a QR code on your invitation, for example.

As a provider of high-quality and individual wedding websites at absolutely fair prices, I can recommend to you. Michael Graf runs his service with great passion. If you use my discount code “MICHAELSCHARTNER10” there, you will receive a 10% discount on the selected package.

It is difficult to give good recommendations for photo boxes. I have had rather mediocre experiences with most of them from a photographer’s point of view. With most “cheap” providers, the printers are extremely slow, their quality is poor and they simply don’t look nice.

There are now a few DJs who also offer a photo box (DJ L3vels & DJ 2Hot are currently on my list of recommendations). Advantage: the DJs come to your wedding when the photo box becomes relevant and set everything up. You stay until the end and can dismantle the photo box immediately and take it with you.

Here are some recommendations that I have had very good experiences with:

Premium photo box Hapymio | VW photo bus | photo mirror

Disposable cameras or Polaroid/Fujifilm instant cameras are also increasingly being placed on tables. This is usually very well received. For disposable cameras, guests often need a little push (or alcohol) to get them going. Discuss the possibilities and planning with your best man.