What my clients say

Simone & Daniel

“Michael is a super personable, professional and fantastic photographer! We have been in contact with him since our inquiry and even got to know him personally before the wedding. He is super reliable, funny and an absolute people catcher. The pictures from our wedding are stunning. We couldn't have wished for a nicer look. The guests were also totally enthusiastic. Thank you Michael for your great company. Thanks to you we have so many great memories of this beautiful day!"

Anica & Alexander

From the start Michael was a true blessing. He is so professional but at the same time so confirmable to work with. We were just enjoying it on the day. With his quality of work and eye for detail, he is a storyteller in his own right. Thank you Michael for capturing this special wedding day in our lives to perfection. Couldn't ask for a better photographer!"

Pascale & Jonas

"Dear Michi, thank you very much for your support on the wedding day. It was incredibly fun to have you there! The photo shoot with you was so easy and pleasant, we couldn't believe it! You also fitted in incredibly well at the celebration. Some our friends thought you belonged anyway - it was so natural!"

Lisa & Christoph

“Thank you dear Michael. Your photos are just awesome and so are you as a person. All of our guests loved you... and so did we!

Thank you for giving us these memories! When we look at these photos when we're 90, we'll be even more grateful than we are today."

Rachel & Dominic

"Wow! Can't believe how fast you edited the photos! They look incredible! We are so thankful for your work. It was a beautiful experience and you made it so easy and natural. Thank you for your professional but fun attitude."

Eva-Maria & Hans

"Amazing!!! Hansi and I are so excited about the pictures!! Thank you very much! This slider show is awesome and how you captured our two days on camera is just incredible. We watched everything last night and had to cry. Simply a dream!!You are the best wedding photographer there is (we tell all our engaged friends that too - and we have a lot of them as you know).Your professionalism is also unbelievable - from the website to the offer to the this gallery! We are just thrilled!"

Miriam & Lukas

“Dear Michael, a thousand thanks for our wedding day with you! So really perfect. You can be super proud of yourself. Just that you helped us so much at the registry office. Then the super super amazing photos, everywhere, the cool and super awesome photo shoot. Madness. Really everything was fine. It was great!!! Thanks for the photos, they are all awesome!!!"

Annika & Jens

"Hello Michi, thank you very much for all the beautiful pictures! I am amazed every time I look at them! Really, thank you very much again for accompanying us and our families and friends at our wedding celebration. It was great nice to be with you, there are already wonderful memories in the pictures and it's also exciting to see what the rest of the day was actually up to. As I said, we will definitely recommend you and because you say you get everywhere , also to friends who are not from the area."

Melina & Alexander

"We want to say thank you again - thanks to you it was a relaxing and beautiful day and we really enjoyed the photo shoot in the evening! And thank you for the beautiful photos - we are so happy with them. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Elke & Lorenz

“Dear Michael, we're sitting on the Seine in Paris with a glass of wine and talking about the wedding. We would therefore like to give you a huge compliment. You are just such a nice personable guy and did everything with such ease. You have been praised from all sides, everyone was really enthusiastic about your style and your skills. The photos turned out really really nice and cool. We're really looking forward to it!"

Lidwina & Lars

"Hello Michi, we thank you for being there and for creating sooooo incredibly great, beautiful and unique pictures and memories for us! We are absolutely thrilled and love each and every one of them! Thank you also for the quick delivery."

Carina & Norbert

"Hey Michi, thank you very much, we are very happy about these beautiful wedding memories - we will look back on them for a lifetime. Thank you for accompanying us on the most beautiful day of our life - we would choose you again at any time and recommend you from the bottom of our hearts!"