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About Michael...

My mission: "real love - real moments". Authenticity, emotions and real moments. My photos are always about capturing the connection between two people. Lively, candid and unconventional.

I am a self employed photographer specialised in wedding photography. In the past 6 years I have been able to capture more than 130 weddings throughout Austria, Germany and Italy.

Below you can find out a lot more about me and my story.



// around the world



Hossegor & Bordeaux


New York ∙ 2x Carinthia ∙ Vienna

5x Lower Austria ∙ Bibione, IT


Where I've been

Monte San Savino, Tuscany 2x Tyrol ∙ Carinthia ∙ Vienna

Canada ∙ Cuba ∙ Germany ∙ France ∙ England ∙ Hong Kong ∙ Indonesia (Bali) ∙ Italy ∙ Croatia ∙ Liechtenstein ∙ Macau ∙ Malaysia (KL) ∙ Monaco ∙ Netherlands ∙ Portugal ∙ Switzerland ∙ Singapore ∙ Slowenia ∙ Spain ∙ Thailand ∙ Czech Republic ∙ Hungary ∙ USA (Cali, NYC, Vegas) ∙ UAE (Dubai)


Styria ∙ Vienna

My story

// Summer & sunsets

I am 31 years young, grew up in Salzburg and live with my girlfriend Juliane and our daughter Emilia in Adnet near Salzburg. Sunsets are an absolute highlight for me. Every day. No matter where in the world. I associate a lot with summer and sunsets. In addition, the light just before, during and after a sunset is my absolute favorite light for photography. In the summer of 2019 I was able to give up my full-time job and fulfill my dream of self-employment as a wedding photographer.

Koh Phangan

// Curiosity & sport

I love learning new things and constantly improving myself. Reading biographies, business books or books about personal development is a great passion of mine. Sport has always played a big role in my life. I've played ice hockey for a long time and love working out in the gym since almost 10 years. I also like to ride my roadbike (preferably in the sunset) and sometimes you'll find me having a beer (or two 😉 ).

// Photography & coffee

I am very enthusiastic and always find new things and topics that fascinate me. The cool thing about it: I can combine almost everything I do with my love of photography.

I'm a coffee freak. I don't mean that I just like to drink coffee. But that I really love coffee. Especially freshly brewed filter coffee. I've attended barista & coffee seminars, read books about it and no matter where I am in the world I always take my little coffee set with me. I set up my own coffee corner in our apartment. I can prepare a wide variety of coffee there. So let's have a coffee together!

// Photos are an investment in memories!

As a photographer, I specialize in capturing moments and emotions. Moments and emotions that only happen once. I capture these moments for eternity on the chip of my camera. In this way, I enable my customers to create visual memories that will become priceless in a few years.

I find it really exciting to get to know other people and their stories. I like to be among people and when I'm "in the flow" I can talk like a waterfall. Non-stop and mostly a bit too fast 😉 . On the other hand, I am also an introvert who often lives in his own world in the chaos of his thoughts. As much as I love having fun with other people, I also love being alone and dealing with myself and my thoughts.

I've also been traveling alone in Asia for a whole month. And that was one of the best and most formative experiences of my life. There I “learned” surfing for the first time and got my first tattoo.

Let's connect on Instagram: @michaelschartner_photography

I can't wait to get to know you!

Best, Michael

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